9th Annual Interfaith Solidarity March in Los Angeles

9th Annual Interfaith Solidarity March in Los Angeles

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On June 2, 2024, the 9th Annual Interfaith Solidarity March took place in Los Angeles, organized by the Institute for Religious Tolerance, Peace, and Justice (IRTPJ). Spearheaded by Dr. Arik Greenberg, the march emphasized the importance of interfaith dialogue and religious tolerance as essential pathways to world peace.

Participants from various faiths gathered at St. Basil Catholic Church before marching down Wilshire Blvd. The event focused on unity rather than protest, with marchers encouraged to connect with strangers from different faith backgrounds to foster understanding. Mohammed Khan, an IRTPJ board member, challenged participants to step outside their comfort zones and engage with others meaningfully.

Aziza Hasan, Executive Director of New Ground: A Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Change, [ here ] shared her experience of interfaith support following the 9/11 attacks, highlighting the crucial role of solidarity in overcoming [ news ] adversity. The march concluded with a panel discussion moderated by Father Alexei Smith, focusing on the Gaza and Israel crisis and reinforcing that disagreements should not hinder collective efforts for peace.

Supported by the Church of Scientology, the march showcased the power of unity and mutual respect in bridging divides and promoting religious freedom, a mission that remains vital in today's world.

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